Show Monday July 9th 2012

The Roxy Show

Hey Everyone,

The “OSWELL ENDSWELL” CD is finally finished! It took almost a year to complete and now I’d love to share it with you at a show!


July 9 (Monday night) at the Roxy in Vancouver.

TICKETS: With a ticket in hand, the cover charge is only $5 and it includes a FREE DRINK. So if you were planning on grabbing a beer it’s basically cover free!

TIME: It’s an early show and doors will open at 7 with Michael Friesen opening up the show shortly after.

My band will be starting our set at 8:50 and we will be playing through the entire new album + whatever else!

The Oswell Endswell CD will be for sale there for $10.

I will have a website up shortly where you can stream the CD and find links to iTunes as well.

Really hope to see you all there!


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